Documentation updates

September 2019 Week 2

Product Discovery

A new article lists multiple business use cases on how to effectively allow your customers to find new products through your recommendations.

Purchase frequency segmentation

An article about a purchase frequency segmentation and its implementation in Exponea. This analysis provides an overview that will allow you to better understand your customers' habits by breaking down your customer base by the number of orders they made during a specific period.

September 2019 Week 1

Low voucher stock notification

A guide that walks you through the setup of low voucher stock notification, which will automatically let you know that the number of vouchers in your campaigns is running low by sending automated emails.

Automated email follow-ups

An article elaborating on various possibilities concerning the automatization of follow-up emails together with guides on how to implement them in Exponea.

Time between purchases report

A guide on how to create this report, which helps you analyze the frequency of purchases made by customers. That is helpful also for designing future campaigns.

Jinja blocks

A guide explaining the powerful Jinja blocks that enable you to include logic, control flow, and much more in your Jinja templates.

Jinja: Functions on data types

A guide that walks you through all of the functions available in our implementation of Jinja that empower you to easily manipulate the content of your variables.

Useful Jinja Macros

A guide that explains the most commonly used macros to help you save time while implementing commonly used templates.

Documentation updates

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