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November 2020 Week 3

Learn about how can you schedule queries for periodic data updates within the EBQ!

We have remade the Access Management article so that it contains much more detailed information about how our Role-based access control works.

After multiple reports on low match rates with the Google Analytics integration, we have added a warning explaining the situation to the start of the article.

To give you the precise information on all the different types of the campaign status event attribute and how and by what it can be generated, we have now created a comprehensive table outlining the matter. Go check it out!

October 2020 Week 3

We have published a new article about the upcoming feature of two-way messaging and the use of opt-out keywords.

Learn more about how spambots might affect tracking your campaign and what can you do about them.

We have added a new section in our Browser Push Notifications documentation outlining some specific limitations on the side of the browser you might be using, such as the newest Mozilla Firefox notifications quota.

Learn more about how to remove an item from a List using the Jinja macros.

October 2020 Week 1

We have added a note on bulk email settings under Settings -> Custom headers

Learn more about the changes made in status names updates of event filters that came with 1.173.

We have added a new section explaining size limitations on customer and event properties within the Data Manager.

September 2020 Week 3

Preview your email template in a specific virtual environment or client!

Learn what happens when you reach the size limit in your Tag Manger

Learn about how you can utilize advanced machine learning to predict customer behavior with Exponea!

September 2020 Week 1

Learn about the Apple's upcoming new requirements in connection to Exponea.

Importing custom fonts for Email campaigns.

Using the concurrency limit in Throughput policy.

August 2020 Week 2

Learn how to create an API Webhook in a scenario from a scratch.

August 2020 Week 1

Amazon Alexa Integration allows you to access data in Exponea through your virtual voice assistant, Alexa.

Make sure you are fulfilling all requirements when importing a CSV file.

Learn how to program in MJML in order to create responsive emails.

July 2020 Week 4

Find out more about cloning customer properties through Cloneable Data Mapping.

Understand limitations when collecting customers´ Soft ID.

Know how Exponea tracks survey submission.

Learn how you can define the font used in the Email Visual Builder.

July 2020 Week 3

Find out more about the workings of the Exponea's support team.

Learn more about Exponea's Community Slack.

July 2020 Week 1

Facebook Lead Ads offers the option to create custom disclaimers. Learn how to transform them into consent events in your project.

Learn about the new content tabs in the asset manager.

June 2020 Week 4

Find out more about the security package offered by Exponea.

June 2020 Week 3

Find out how you can copy-paste your work from one project to another, despite them having different data structures.

Mobile Push Notifications have been improved in multiple ways:

  • We've added the Priority component to the settings so that you can target even Android devices in the low-power mode. Read more
  • We now apply deduplication to prevent a notification being sent multiple times to the same device. Read more
  • You can now send silent notifications to your customers to check whether they still have your app. Read more
  • UTM tags are now collected as separate attributes as in all other campaigns. Read more
  • You can now track the delivered status of notifications on iOS devices much more precisely as they are now recognized upon delivery not upon opening the app. Read more

June 2020 Week 2

Learn more about how multiple customers can be separately tracked on the same device using the anonymize() function.

Learn more about how to integrate SendSay with Exponea.

You can now use Sinch as a provider for sending SMS to your customers.

Learn about how to use authentication for your webhooks.

June 2020 Week 1

Utilize the data you gathered in Exponea on other platforms? It just got a lot easier! You can now send any integration to SFTP from where most platforms will be able to import the data.

Many 3rd party platforms limit the number of requests which can be sent to them at a particular time. To be able to maintain real-time communication with them, we’ve introduced the Webhook Throughput Policy which allows you to limit the number of webhook requests you make.

The custom tracking domain is a countermeasure against various tracking protection mechanisms introduced by browsers. Since browsers are becoming more privacy-conscious, Exponea and its use of “cookie” has to adapt as well. Read more on how to set it up on your Shared or Private Instance.

May 2020 Week 1

Guide for setting up Safari Push Notifications including a setup for JS SDK and Safari browser to successfully register for push notifications into Apple APNS and Exponea Platform have been added.

April 2020 Week 4

Now you can tailor the access rights of your users exactly to your needs! Our access management has been completely reworked with new roles, the ability to create custom ones, and the option to set them an expiration date.

March 2020 Week 4

If you have a mobile application for your users, In-app Messages are a way of displaying banners to them within the app.

The automatic-winner distribution will test your A/B test variants on a small sample of customers. Then, without you having to lift a finger, it chooses the best performing variant and sends it automatically to all the remaining customers.

Usually, each webhook creates an individual request. Batching changes this, merging multiple webhooks into one request. Benefits of batching include faster processing which is necessary for high volume campaigns, e.g. email integration.

March 2020 Week 3

In Exponea we often work with external customer identifications, like email or cookies. You can read detailed documentation on use case implementation when creating and manipulating customers´ external IDs.

February 2020 Week 2

When logging in, Single Sign-On removes the need to type in passwords as your identity will be provided and checked to provide access only to authorized users.

February 2020 Week 1

The only way you can effectively improve your email marketing is to understand how your customers interact with your emails. Email Click Heatmap provides a fast and visual way to understand where your customers click in your emails.

January 2020 Week 4

Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure service provider that enables you to collect customer data across different sources. You can read detailed documentation on how to integrate it with Exponea on the Segment's webpage.

January 2020 Week 3

Adform will allow you to retarget your customers through scenarios with 100% accuracy. It achieves this by directly using cookies.

Do not panic if your customer fails to be targeted by your email campaign. The new event "invalid_contact" now displays its specific causes.

January 2020 Week 2

To make the most out of your customers’ data, you will now be able to export and use it in other systems, e.g. campaign management platforms. As opposed to exporting all raw data to BigQuery, this feature also allows you to export enriched data in the form of aggregates, expressions, and many others.

You will now be able to send messages to your WhatsApp users and receive their answers directly in Exponea. In addition, if your customer responds you can also approach them with a free SMS for 24 hours since the response.

December 2019 Week 3

Importing customer data that you’ve already tracked on other platforms just got easier as we now support XML format also for imports. This change is especially important for importing other platforms’ product catalogs as these are most often stored as XML.

Using Amazon S3 file storage? It is now fully integrated with Exponea!

December 2019 Week 2

Read on the new Exponea Usage Dashboard that provides an overview of the Client’s campaign usage.

Read our new security docs explaining how we keep your Exponea project safe:

Find out how to integrate your own mail provider with Exponea.

December 2019 Week 1

Read on how to find out your customers' satisfaction with your products and services.

November 2019 Week 4

Learn about a new feature that allows you to easily use your campaigns in multiple projects by cloning them.

November 2019 Week 3

Find out about how to work around intelligent tracking prevention by setting up custom tracking domains.

You can now read the finished versions of the articles on what requests your customers have a right to make and about how to create a consent page where they can adjust their consent settings.

November 2019 Week 2

Read about how are the cookies tracked for your customers.

Understand the workings of the new recommendation dashboard that provides valuable insights into the success of your recommendation engines.

November 2019 Week 1

Find out about how to make sure that all of your data are being consistently stored across multiple tracking systems.

Read on how to filter your customers on a project level so that you prevent damage to your domain reputation caused by sending to inactive users.

Read about the updated version of Experiments.

October 2019 Week 5

Learn how to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Exponea. Lead ads serve as the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Learn how to integrate your Shopify account with Exponea to make use of all the collected data.

October 2019 Week 4

Understand the workings of the new email dashboard that provides valuable insights into the success of your email campaigns.

Find out about how to improve the user experience while using Expona e-mail links to open your native application.

October 2019 Week 3

Find out how soft IDs tracked from multiple different devices can merge into a single customer.

October 2019 Week 2

Read about what to do if your customers ask you to delete their personal data.

Find out how to comply with a customer's request to access their personal data.

Discover the optimal email time feature which maximizes the chances that your customers open and click on the links in your emails.

An article explaining one of the available campaign channels in Exponea.

October 2019 Week 1

We have completed a guide for our recommendations engines to empower you in making the most of our AI-driven approach to marketing.

Find out what should be retention periods and how to set expiration dates for your data.

Learn what should be understood as personally identifiable information and how to minimize access rights to this data.

Improve your understanding of how should GDPR principles be applied in practice on three use cases in Exponea.

This article gives you an overview of the email integration process together with the explanation of the main terms and concepts.

September 2019 Week 4

Create an overview of what do customers do on your website after their first purchase and hence find out whether you should make adjustments to your conversion strategy.

This use case allows you to find out how is your ability to convert first-buyers into regular customers.

September 2019 Week 3

An article concerning a new (beta) feature in Exponea, which enables you to plan and manage your campaigns even more effectively than before.

An article about a relatively new solution of non-flickering experiments in Exponea, essentially improving the speed of Experiments.

September 2019 Week 2

A new article lists multiple business use cases on how to effectively allow your customers to find new products through your recommendations.

An article about a purchase frequency segmentation and its implementation in Exponea. This analysis provides an overview that will allow you to better understand your customers' habits by breaking down your customer base by the number of orders they made during a specific time period.

September 2019 Week 1

A guide that walks you through the setup of low voucher stock notification, which will automatically let you know that the number of vouchers in your campaigns is running low by sending automated emails.

An article elaborating on various possibilities concerning the automatization of follow-up emails together with guides on how to implement them in Exponea.

A guide on how to create this report, which helps you analyze the frequency of purchases made by customers. That is helpful also for designing future campaigns.

A guide explaining the powerful Jinja blocks that enable you to include logic, control flow, and much more in your Jinja templates.

A guide that walks you through all of the functions available in our implementation of Jinja that empower you to easily manipulate the content of your variables.

A guide that explains the most commonly used macros to help you save time while implementing commonly used templates.

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Documentation Updates

Find the latest updates made to our documentation articles. This page is updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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