What is Exponea?

Exponea is a customer experience platform providing email marketing, lifecycle intelligence, automation, product recommendations, predictive intelligence, personalization, and full channel automation.

Exponea takes customer behavioral patterns and creates actionable customer intelligence. For example, where they are in the lifecycle, and how important they are for your business, which empowers you to maximize customer lifetime values.

With our predictive analytics, scoring and segmentation allowing smarter revenue generating decisions for all your customer segments. You can then transform this into automated actions, which can be triggered at any moment along the customer journey. For instance, after abandoning their cart or website visit, after their first purchase or even as they are about to churn.

The important element here is that you create your own multi-step/fully automated campaigns and with easy to use content editing options you can simply make each individual message relevant and engaging across channels while AB testing different website layouts and personalize specific content for one-to-one marketing.

The platform is a complete GDPR compliant toolkit that collects data on customers’ interactions with your brand across multiple sources and devices (email, website, purchase data, 3rd party data, social data).

Key features

  • Tracking of your customers' behavior, be it online or through backend integrations and imports
  • Advanced analytics and segmentations of the tracked data, boosted by AI-powered predictive capabilities
  • Single customer view allowing your analyses dig deep on a customer level
  • Omni-channel orchestration that allows you to automatize communication with your customers through email, SMS, web layers or notifications
  • Personalization of your communication based on advanced custom conditions
  • Product recommendations engines
  • Comprehensive email management to design, send, evaluate and optimize your email campaigns
  • AB testing capabilities enhanced by AI
  • Easy integrations and APIs to link your favorite tools

What´s next?

How does Exponea work?

What is Exponea?

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