The Exponea campaign tools are an excellent framework for communication with customers. They allow you to utilize your data to target specific subgroups of customers. Be it by sending customized messages or directly changing the layout or content of your webpage to cater to their individual needs.

The campaign tools can be found by clicking on the Campaigns section located on the menu in the Exponea web application.

By clicking on the button highlighted in red the Campaigns menu will appear.By clicking on the button highlighted in red the Campaigns menu will appear.

By clicking on the button highlighted in red the Campaigns menu will appear.


Please note that every inactive campaign is automatically archived after 30 days. This only means they will be moved from the "live" view to "archived" in the list of campaigns.

Campaign tools currently available at Exponea


What does the tool do?

When can it be useful?


Create customised scenarios using drag and drop approach.

To create custom automatised communication.

2.Web layers

Displays personalised banners on your website.

Highlight customer specific pieces of information.


Allow you to make visual changes to your website.

Adjusting the page without needing IT resources.

4.Email campaigns

Create and Send personalised emails in a visual editor or traditional HTML.

Target your audience during a campaign by relevant emails.


Create forms with custom questions and answer options.

Obtain feedback from customers.


Analyse customer behaviour using artificial intelligence methods .

Display personalised relevant products for your customers.

Updated 2 years ago

What´s next?

To find out more about specific campaign tools, please visit their dedicated page in the subsections.

Web layers
Email campaigns


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