Config Object

Default values of the Config Object are:

  target: DEFAULT_TARGET, //path to the Exponea instance API
  token: null, //project token
  customer: {}, //customer's attributes, it can take object with named identifiers
  utm_always: false, //add UTM params to default, automatically tracked event properties?
  ping: {
    enabled: true, //enable session ping? By setting to FALSE, you disable session_start and sesion_end events
    interval: 2 * 60, //session ping interval in seconds
    properties: {} //add custom properties to session_ping event
  lazy_merge: false,
  track: {
    auto: true, //enable automatic tracking set up in Data Manager -> Automatic Web Tracking?
    visits: false, //automatically track page visits?
    activity: false, //enable checking of user being active by events like mousedown, keydown,... and track user_active event
    unloads: false, //enable tracking user unloading the page and tracking web_unload event
    exits: true, // enable Exponea to automatically track clicking on link elements with data-exponea-track attribute set and creating a web_exit event with current and target location as attributes. You can also define it as a custom function
    default_properties: {}, //define custom properties to track with every event
    google_analytics: true //enable customer identification by their GA id
  webOptimization: { // enable or disable specific web optimization features, can be set to true/false/following configuration object
    experiments: true, // experiments are applied by default
    webLayers: true, // web layers are enabled by default
    tagManager: true // tag manager is enabled by default
  cookies: {
    cross_subdomain: true, //by default, the cookies are valid on both domain and all subdomains. If you want to restrict cookies only for current (sub)domain, set this attribute to false. You can also set it to String, manually defining the domain for cookies
    retrieve_callback: null //define a function that triggers on setting a customer's cookie in initialization
  track_hash_changes: true, //handle hash URL change as a new page? Useful, if you have a single-page application and do not want to trigger all tracking, banners, ... on every hash change
  transfer_identity: true, //enable transfer of identity, from email links for instance
  debug: false //show debug logs in console?

You can modify the Config Object in exponea.initialize() call.

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Config Object

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