Consent management

What is consent management

The consent management helps you to comply with the GDPR requirements by easily and effectively managing your subscription policies and tracking any changes to consents for every customer.

The main features of consent management in Exponea are:

  • Defining your own consent categories that customers can subscribe to
  • Setting subscriptions based on a legitimate interest
  • Lifetime overview of the whole consent history for every customer - see who, when and where gave or withdrew a consent
  • A customizable consent management page for your customers

Now emails, SMS, web layers or experiments will only be sent to customers with valid consents.

Enabling consent management

Enabling consents for new projects

Consents management should be by default enabled for newly created projects. You can find it in Project settings > Privacy management > Consents.

Enabling consents for existing projects

Projects created before 01-05-2018 use campaign groups instead of consents and consent categories. Once consents are enabled, the campaign groups are automatically mapped and migrated to consent categories.

Campaign groups used in a project

Mapping the old campaign groups to consent categories.


Enabling consents in existing project

Once you enable consents in your production project, you won´t be able to trigger any campaign that was historically connected to a campaign group. Firstly, you need to load valid consents in order to trigger such campaigns. You also won´t be able to reverse to the campaign groups functionality.

Updated about a year ago

What´s next?

Learn what are consent categories and how to use them in Exponea.

Consent categories

Consent management

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