Cookies & Storage


Exponea stores the following Cookies as first-party cookies:



Customer's Exponea generate cookie

3 years


Timestamp offset between browser and server time

60 minutes


Variant name returned for an A/B test

3 years

Local storage

Exponea stores the following data in Local storage:



Customer's last session ping


Customer's last session start


Timestamp of last showing of specific banner to the customer


Timestamp of last customer's interaction with specific banner

Session storage

Exponea stores the following data in Session storage:



Customer's specific tracking definitions set up in Data Manager -> Automatic Web Tracking

Exponea stores information about when the last session for the customer occurred to decide whether to track the page visit within the last session, or whether to track it as a new session.

The storage for ‘Experiment’ settings, to ensure that experiments are displayed within their defined policy setting, is also stored. This data has no expiration.

Under session storage the SDK settings for tracking are cached. This setting expires when the tab/browser is closed. IndexedDB, a JavaScript-based object-oriented database, can be a data storage for actions from browser push notifications. This data has no expiration. There is potentially PII in push notification messages.

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Cookies & Storage

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