Creating and Sending Emails


This guide will summarize all steps and useful tips for creating and launching email campaigns in Exponea.

Before you start

First, we recommend reading the Email campaigns guide. This will give you an overview of where to create email campaigns in Exponea and how to set the basic settings for each campaign.

Second, the Email editors guide explains how to work with the visual and HTML editor in Exponea.

If you are completely new to Exponea, you might find this introductory video useful:

Lastly, you can read our blog on Email Marketing Analytics to improve your email KPIs, Metrics, and reports.

Search by topics

  • How to create standardized templates that you can reuse in your emails (such as headers and footers). Read about HTML blocks here.
  • How to work with the UTM parameters. Click here.
  • Understanding the event campaign and all its attributes. Click here.
  • How to create email preheaders. Click here.

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Creating and Sending Emails

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