Email Testing

Testing your email templates is an important part of any campaign creation. In Exponea we offer several options on how to test your emails. We strongly recommend using at least one of the options before launching any live campaign.

Preview an email

The TEST section allows you to preview the email template for specific customers or generate the email previews in specific environments.


In the Overview tab, you can see a rendered preview of your email for specific customers including their individual personalization. You are able to manually choose a specific customer using the arrow buttons or typing their email into the input field. You can also click on the filter icon (1) to drill down a specific segment of customers to see the preview for. This is especially useful if you use personalization in the email. The preview also allows you to switch between a desktop and a mobile view (2).

Email Previews

The Email Previews tab lets you generate previews of the created email template in a wide range of particular environments, such as the iOS Gmail client, to identify any visual discrepancies such as image fitting. The content of your template is placed within a screenshot from the particular environment to recreate how exactly it would appear there.

Upon navigating to the Test -> Email Previews tab, you can generate the previews and check your email on a wide palette of environments. After choosing a particular one, you can click on the preview and see the email template on a full scale, as shown in the picture below. Using the buttons at the bottom you can re-generate the Email Preview after making changes to the template, or switch between the views of all environments (1), as well as navigate between the environments immediately using the list on the right (2).

We strongly recommend sending a test email to your address or a list of addresses of your colleagues before launching the live campaign.

Send test email

You can send a test email to a specific email address to examine the appearance of the email from a customer's point of view.

As the email address is specified manually, the personalization in the email will be based on the data of a random customer. To see if the personalization works correctly, it is advised to send an email to yourself as the only customer in the audience using the email equals your email condition.


Tracking of events

Previewing or sending test emails does not generate any campaign events. Similarly if recommendations are used inside the email no recommendation serve event is tracked.

Other tactics

Apart from visually checking emails in our TEST tab, you can also use a few other tactics that our users commonly use.

Seed list

In case of inbox placement testing, you can import desired addresses into Exponea as customers with a way to identify them, and involve them in your usual campaigns by adding the identification into your campaigns or standard segmentations.

Testers segment

Similar to above, you can import internal addresses of people who review/need to see an email before it gets sent out, as customers and include them into your segmentations or scenarios.

Sending test email to multiple inboxes

Using our feature “Send test email”, found in any email node, you can only send to one specific inbox. A trick you can use is to create an “alias”/”group”/”role” address, such as [email protected] that gets forwarded into inboxes of all relevant people. You only need to input the one address into the “Send test email” form.

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Email Testing

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