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Exponea automatically adds the list-unsubscribe header to all emails. This header ensures that the unsubscribe button is available right next to the name of the sender. This protects your email reputation as it would normally be much easier and faster to click on the spam button than to look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email (read more in the Email deliverability article). Clicking on this button unsubscribes the customer directly, without being redirected to the consent page where they need to update their preferences.

How it works

This is a built-in function in Exponea.


However, notice that displaying this list-unsubscribe header in the emails is actually subjected to the domain reputation. Thus, it will automatically appear after building up domains reputation.

When a customer clicks on the list-unsubscribe button a consent event is tracked with attributes source = list-unsubscribe, category is equal to the consent category which this email belonged to, and action = reject.


The list-unsubscribe header is not added to emails sent under the "general" consent category or those sent through the transactional API.

How to unsubscribe from more categories

If you want to unsubscribe customers who clicked on this option from more consent categories automatically, you can create a simple scenario for that:

:one: The "On event consent" node should be specified as follows:

:two: Then add the "Add event" node for every consent category you want the customer to unsubscribe from. Set it for the event "consent" and specify the following attributes. Adjust the value of the "category" attribute according to your needs.

Note: Add a separate node for every category to be unsubscribed.


If you don't see the event "consent" or any of its attributes in the list when setting up the nodes, it means it is not tracked in your project yet. Define the event and attributes in the Data Manager first to be able to work with it in this scenario.

Disabling list unsubscribe

You can disable list unsubscribe by going to Settings > Project Settings > Channels > Emails > List unsubscribe and untick the Enable list unsubcribe links box.


As list unsubscribe provides significant benefits to your deliverability rating, we do not recommend disabling it unless you have a separate system for unsubscribed customers.

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List Unsubscribe

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