This feature is currently available in Beta version

Mandrill integration allows you to send emails through this provider using Exponea’s standard emailing mechanism.

Setup process

1. Create an account at


You can also use an existing mandrill account, although we recommend to set up an account dedicated to Exponea. The reason is that once fully configured, Mandrill will send webhooks (with status updates) to Exponea for every email sent via the used account - which may have implications for both privacy and performance.

2. Create a new API key at

Use the New API Key button to create a new key (all options left at default, you may provide a description); then grab the Key string.

We recommend not to restrict API calls allowed for this key. If you decide to do so, the minimal set of calls Exponea needs is: Users / Ping, Messages / Send.

For best experience we also recommend full permission for Webhooks.

3. In Exponea go to Data and Assets > Integrations > Add new integration and choose Mandrill.

If you didn't restrict Webhook permissions for the API key, we recommend to let Exponea handle webhooks automatically. If you did or if you encounter any errors when saving your settings, please consult our support.

In order to send signed emails from your domain head back to Mandrill > Domains/Sending Domains > add your domain name.

Mandrill will then guide you through the following steps:

  1. Verifying your domain (by sending a verification email to any email address located at this domain)
  2. Setting up DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail (by adding the generated TXT domain record to
  3. Setting up SPF- Sender Policy Framework (by adding the generated TXT domain record to

The latter two require changing the DNS zone files, which requires permissions for your domain registration and can be rather technical. Please follow the guide Mandrill links to if you are not sure how to do this or consult your technical staff. Please be aware that it may take some time (usually up to an hour, but could potentially be much longer) for Mandrill to fully verify the DNS records.

You can now use Exponea campaigns to send signed emails from your own domains using Mandrill.


It is also possible to override the Return Path domain (displayed in GMail as mailed-by). Although not necessary, you can follow the steps in this article if you wish to do so.


After Integrating with Mandrill, you can look at Default email settings in order to change it to your default email integration.

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This feature is currently available in Beta version

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