Segment is a Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) service provider that enables you to collect customer data across different sources (websites, apps, etc.) and send them further to different destinations to run analytics, marketing campaigns, etc.. Their Connections Catalog is one of the core features and you can find Exponea among the destinations.

Using Exponea destination

Exponea destination in Segment offers an easy way to collect your data from Segment to Exponea. Our destination supports the following Segment calls and maps them into Exponea data structures:

  • identify -> Identify/Update Customer
  • group -> Update Customer
  • alias -> Identify Customer or Merge Customers
  • track -> Add Custom Event
  • page -> Add page_visit Event
  • screen -> Add screen_visit Event

Setting up Exponea destination

If you want to start sending data from Segment to Exponea go to our full destination guide where you can find details of the setup and explanations on how we process Segment data.

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