To improve on deliverability amongst Exponea clients, Sendinblue has been added as another Email Service Provider integration.Sendinblue is an email service provider which will be on par with other ESP integrations, i.e. it will support all our features and use-cases.

How to set up the Sendinblue integration:

  1. Contact your CSM about setting up a new integration
  2. Exponea email deliverability expert will get in touch to clarify information needed for onboarding and will provide you with DNS records to set up for the subdomain
  3. Once the DNS records are set up, email deliverability expert will validate and add integration to your project
  4. To set this integration as the default one, go to ‘Project settings’ > ‘Channels’> ‘Emails’
  1. You can now start sending the emails according to the instructions and the warmup plan


Sendinblue tracks following events:
delivered, soft_bounced, hard_bounced, complained, preblocked (invalid_email & blocked)


After Integrating with Sendinblue, you can look at Default email settings in order to change it to your default email integration.


Technical warning about re-using mail API key.

Exponea allows you to use the same mail API key in different integrations even in different projects. However, this practice is not recommended, because all integrations with the same API key will share just one mail provider webhook for tracking delivered campaign events.

Deleting any of these integrations with a shared API key will result in deletion of the webhook and therefore none of the given projects will have tracking of delivered campaign events.

Updated 7 months ago


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