Integrating your Shopify account with Exponea enables you to analyze your Shopify data, execute omnichannel marketing campaigns, and use Exponea's AI-driven capabilities on your Shopify store – without needing to rely on hundreds of ad-hoc plugins.

Time to complete

Initial Integration: >10 Minutes
Web Integration: A few days

Integrating Shopify with Exponea

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and click on Apps.
  1. Click on Manage private apps.
  1. Click Create a new private app.
  1. Complete the field Private app name with a descriptive name (we recommend Exponea Integration). Complete the field Emergency developer email with a responsible technical person.

Required user permissions

To be able to this in your Shopify account you need the following user permissions: read_customers, read_orders, read_products.

  1. Click Save.
  1. Select the integration you've just created from your list of private apps.
  1. Open a new window and go to Exponea – be sure to leave your Shopify window open as well. You will need to copy the Example URL and the Shared Secret from Shopify into Exponea.
  1. In Exponea, open Integrations, as shown below.
  1. Click on Add a new integration.
  1. Start typing Shopify in the search field to find the integration.
  1. Click + Add.
  1. To continue, please read through the Shopify Terms & Conditions. If you agree to them, tick the box and hit Continue.
  1. On the next screen you will see 4 IDs that need to be set up in your project. Please be sure these are set up before you continue.
    You don't need to fill anything in here – just be sure these IDs have been set up. The integration will automatically use these IDs once it starts working.
  1. Copy & paste the Example URL and the Shared secret from your Shopify account to the matching fields in Exponea.
  1. Now you can move on to web integration. You will need a technical person to complete the integration by making a few front-end modifications. This will take less than a few hours to complete.
  1. After the web integration is complete, the data will start coming in. Events from the API should appear instantly after the set-up is finished (remember to click Save integration). Regular catalog imports and customer and purchase historical data can be found in Exponea under imports.

Tracking delay

Exponea tracks event order once it is placed in Shopify. However, the event purchase will only be tracked once the order is fulfilled which will take some additional time.

  1. Take a coffee break before all the imported will be visible as it might take a while before the whole import is finished.

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