Security is Exponea's main priority. Although the platform is fully secure and compliant even on its own, you can get an even more extensive oversight and better preparation for audit with SmartSecure, a package of additional security-related features.


This package is suited for both new and long-term Exponea users.

Package content

SmartSecure includes three main types of services:


SmartSecure provides monthly reports covering security and compliance. The security checks include reports of non-company logins, suspicious logins, logins with SSO while the compliance reports allow you to check whether our data protection features are used by your project members as intended. The reports not only highlight these aspects but they also recommend ways you can fix the issues.


SmartSecure clients will be entitled to a monthly consultancy session in security or compliance. These can be focused on discussing the specifics of GDPR use cases or things such as carrying out a DPIA or checking the compliance of your cookie policy.

If you choose SmartSecure for 12 months will also receive a one-off audit for free. This audit would be personalized to your data protection needs.

Dedicated Slack channel

SmartSecure provides access to our private data protection Slack channels - the GDPR guru and the CCPA scholar where you can ask questions specific to your needs.

SmartSecure is perfect for clients who implement complex use cases, never envisaged by our Product Team, where additional checks for security and compliance may be useful.

For more information about SmartSecure please contact your CSM.

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