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You might have run into an issue during your work with Exponea. See if you can find the answer you need here.

I don't see the expression/segmentation/aggregate I created in the list of events/attributes

This might be due to the definitions or analyses being in different initiatives. When a piece of your use case is placed in an initiative, all other pieces either need to be in the same initiative, or they need to be marked as "Global Object".

Why can a customer belong to both a variant and a control group when AB testing?

  • Why do I have the "mixed" group in my customer AB test segments?

Every time a new customer is shown your campaign, which is being AB tested, they are assigned either to a variant or to the control group. If they come again, they will always be assigned to the same group. However, it might happen that next time, the customer comes using a different device or an incognito window. In that case, they are seen as a new customer with a new cookie and hence can be assigned to a different group. Once that customer logs in (such as during a checkout process) Exponea identifies them and it is only now the system knows that it is actually the same person. Exponea will automatically merge these seemingly different customers into one. If they were assigned to different groups in those 2 sessions, we want to exclude them from any AB test evaluation. Therefore, we create the "Mixed" segment in our evaluations, where these "merged" customers fall.

Web layers / experiments

I have launched a web layer / experiment but cannot see it.

There can be several reasons for this:

  • If you use AB testing, you might have been assigned to the control group, which is usually set to show the original. You can check whether this is the case by going to Customers and checking what events have been tracked to your profile. Alternatively, you can download our Chrome extension (still in Beta stage) and see what events are being tracked live in the console.
    If this is the case, then either change the AB testing or try opening the page in an incognito mode until you get assigned to a variant (the incognito mode changes your cookie every time you open it).
  • In Settings:
    • Check the condition "Show on" and make sure it matches the page that you are loading.
    • If you use Show on page containing/specific URL, make sure there are no spaces in/before/after the text.
    • Check "Category": If the campaign is set to show only to customers with specific consent, your profile must have that consent too.
    • If you specified any conditions in the "Audience" part, you must match them.

The campaign showed once but it doesn't load again

  • If the "Display" option in Settings is set to "Once" or "Until interaction", then you will either need to change it or use the incognito mode to see the campaign again.

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Troubleshooting / FAQ

You might have run into an issue during your work with Exponea. See if you can find the answer you need here.

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