Usage Dashboard

Usage dashboard will provide an overview of the Client’s usage on account/project level for the metrics that are also referenced in the order form.

Usage dashboard is located in overview -> Exponea usage. From there it is possible to navigate to three levels:

  • instance usage
  • account usage
  • project usage

The dashboard shows data from usage are sent to BigQuery. They will show usage data even if the IMF events expire. On account level, the dashboards compare the data to subscription plans that are set in administration in account settings.

On the project level, clients can view how many services do they use, and can further analyze which campaigns had the most emails/SMS/etc. sent.

The main overview is in the top three rows, as those match the metrics as they are in the order form. Further down will be a more in-depth overview of individual channels. Those overviews might not be in the first release, but will be included in the next releases. The metrics in the dashboard are for example: emails sent, number of incoming events per month or even the number of prediction models used

Exponea has a specified ranking based on who can provide access to different levels and projects. Who to contact:
To see the project level usage dashboard, "project admin" is needed
To see the account level usage dashboard, "account admin" is needed
To see the instance level usage dashboard, "instance admin" is needed

All levels work on the same basis and should display similar information, however, people with a higher level will have access control to other people´s projects.

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Usage Dashboard

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