Using IDs of campaigns/analyses

In Exponea, you will often have to refer to your campaign or analysis. For example, an evaluation of your newsletter campaign must always specify which campaign exactly it should refer to. For this, you can either use the name of the campaign (campaign_name) or the ID (campaign_id).

What is the difference

campaign_name is the name you set in Exponea. This is pretty straightforward, however, you might accidentally give multiple campaigns the same name, in which case your use case will be corrupted. That's why it is safer to use campaign_id, which is always unique.


Note that campaign_id only applies to scenarios and email campaigns. You can also work with experiment_id, banner_id, recommendation_id or survey_id. This guide is also relevant if you need to use an ID of any analysis, such as a report, aggregates, etc...

Where to find the ID campaign_id

Open the Exponea component of which you need the ID. Now you can copy it from the URL:

Double-click on any part of the ID to select it easily.Double-click on any part of the ID to select it easily.

Double-click on any part of the ID to select it easily.

Now you can use it anywhere in Exponea through the filters:

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Using IDs of campaigns/analyses

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