This feature is currently available in Beta version

Using Exponea allows sending WhatsApp messages legitimately without the risk of being banned. WhatsApp allows two types of messages:

  • Highly regulated message templates that can be sent any time (after consent) and are paid. Those messages are designed by the user -needing approval - and no promotional messages are allowed (no discounts, etc.)
  • Free-text messages that can be sent 24 hours after customer’s message that are considerably cheaper. The same applies to other types of messages: image, video, etc.

We have chosen Sinch as our partner for sending the WhatsApp messages via their API. Sinch allows two-way WhatsApp messages.

Advantage: The customer replies are free of charge, so you are more likely to get their response than with an SMS.


  • Tracking updates
  • Back in stock
  • Abandoned cart = remind your customers about their planned purchase

Sending a message:

The messages to Sinch are done via webhook presets. There is

  • a preset for consent adding or removing
  • a preset for the message template
  • a preset for free-text messages.
    Each of those is described below in more details

Contrary to that, receiving messages is done via an integration that allows for gathering messages as events in Exponea.

For sending messages, contact anyone with the account and bearer token.
For setting up the integration for incoming messages, a project admin or higher.

Action_type: whatsapp
Status: inbound
Message_id: {{ message_id }}
Message: {{ message.body }}
Type: {{ message.type }}

(it can vary based on all attributes that will be added to the event, however, this should be the baseline)

Correct phone number

All webhooks count on the fact that you have the number stored in the attribute “phone” in a correct international number format (so e.g. +421901234567 or 00421901234567).

Whatsapp consent

To be able to send the templates to customers, you first need to upload consents for those numbers. To do that, there is a template to send consents to Sinch. You need to fill in the account and bearer token and choose if you want to opt-in the number or opt-out.

Template message

To send a template message, select the Whatsapp template message webhook, and fill in the Account, bearer token, template name, and any parameters in quote marks, delimited by comma.
To create a new template, get in touch with the CSM, as it is not done in the Exponea app currently.

The text cannot contain any promotional offer and has to be from one of the following categories: Personal Finance update, Account update, Alert update, Appointment Update, Issue Resolution, Payment Update, Reservation Update, Shipping Update, Ticket Update, Transportation Update.


  • "Dear {{1}}, You have items in your shopping cart and have not finished your purchase. If you want us to take you to your shopping cart, type CART as a response to this message."
  • "We’re down to the last 3 pieces of an item you have saved in your favorites! Get in there before it’s gone. To show this item, reply: SHOW ME"

Freetext message

When the customer replies to a message or initiates the conversation themselves, you can send a freetext message. To send such a message, select the Whatsapp freetext message and fill in account + token and the message you want to send.

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This feature is currently available in Beta version

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