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AB testing

Looking for instructions on how to evaluate your AB testing? Check out our step-by-step guide here.

First Purchase Anniversary

This campaign sends email and/or SMS messages to customers who made their first purchase one year ago.

Web layers

Web layers (sometimes called banners) are campaigns that are shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience. They are executed using HTML/CSS/Javascript. They are not pop-ups, and will not be blocked by pop-up blockers. Web layers generate automatic banner events when being interacted with, such as serve (when it is being requested and downloaded to the customer), show, click, close, etc.

AB Test Basic Evaluation

The AB Test Basic Evaluation presents a high-level overview of the results of your AB test. It lets you compare the performance of your campaign compared to a control group or a different version and see whether there are any uplifts in the key metrics.


Scenarios are a great way to connect with your customers at any point of their journey by using emails, push notifications or webhooks.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

I don't see the expression/segmentation/aggregate I created in the list of events/attributes

How does Exponea work?

Exponea works by collecting and analyzing actions which customers make in relation to your business. This can be done online on your website, through imports or backend purchase data etc. After integrating your business you can harness our advanced analytics capabilities and create actionable improvements through our campaigns.

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What is Exponea?

Exponea is a customer experience platform providing email marketing, lifecycle intelligence, automation, product recommendations, predictive intelligence, personalization, and full channel automation.