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A Dashboard allows you to see all the key metrics and trends about your business in a single place. This step-by-step guide will help you to create a dashboard that displays the information that matters to you.



AB Test Basic Evaluation

The AB Test Basic Evaluation presents a high-level overview of the results of your AB test. It lets you compare the performance of your campaign compared to a control group or a different version and see whether there are any uplifts in the key metrics.

Application interface


Filtering data


Geo Analyses

The Geo Analyses feature plots your customer's activities on a world map. The resulting chart provides insights into the geographical distribution of your customer's activities: are key customers concentrated in urbanized environments or are they scattered around a particular region? Are there differences in the Average Order Value per region?

Customers and events

The data structure in Exponea consists of 2 main parts - customers and events.

Personalized subject line

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Reports are a powerful analytics tool. You can create pivot tables by combining customer attributes with event attributes.

Automated email follow-ups

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Business context

Web layers

Web layers (sometimes called banners) are campaigns that are shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience. They are executed using HTML/CSS/Javascript. They are not pop-ups, and will not be blocked by pop-up blockers. Web layers generate automatic banner events when being interacted with, such as serve (when it is being requested and downloaded to the customer), show, click, close, etc.

Personalization in Jinja


Design -> Test -> Evaluate



Segmentations allow you to group customers on the basis of their attributes and activities, and help you to understand how these groups differ from each other.

Email campaigns

Exponea enables you to easily send personalized email campaigns to targeted customer segments using a simple visual editor or the traditional HTML builder.



Aggregates and running aggregates